Johnson Darren E.

Darren E. Johnson

Mangagement Consultant

Name:Darren E. Johnson
Date of birth:03/05
Address:West Village, New York, NY 10014
Phone:Phone: Unlisted
New York Based Management Consultant specializing in Media Production. Film, Television, Music and Web Development.


Production Assistant

Print Media Design

09.2014 - present

Web Developer/Business Development


Line Producer

2005 - 2006

Low Profile Films, Path of Most Resistance

Line Producer

It’s New Year’s Eve in New York City, and Tom McKenna is alone. Then again, solitude is an essential part of Tom’s secretive profession — a profession he guards even at the expense of love, even on New Year’s Eve. But this New Year’s Eve, which promises to be the most important night of his life, Tom is confronted with a complication he couldn’t have anticipated, and presented with a choice that could change his life…. which path will he choose?

Record Producer

Recording Artist


Web Developer

Web Design

09.2014 - present

Web Developer/Business Development

Technology Consultant

Final Cut Editor

Executive Producer

Assistant Cameraman

Assistant Director


Artist Management

After Effects Editor

Assistant Producer

Business Development

09.2014 - present

Web Developer/Business Development

Event Manager

Director of Photography


Camera Operator

A&R Director

Chief Kamachi ‘Chuck D’

Chief Kamachi ‘Chuck D’

Music Video
I Am Legend

I Am Legend

Feature Film
The Path Most Resistance

The Path Most Resistance

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AddressWest Village, New York, NY 10014
PhonePhone: Unlisted

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